Faith and Science


I am reposting this because I think it elegantly and wonderfully expresses the relationship between science and faith.

Originally posted on Wrestled With Angels:

appalachian_mtns-usgsWe have a lot to appreciate through the study of science. Advances in medical research and developments in technology can be attributed to the study of science. The religious may argue that science is the enemy but in many ways our lives are blessed because of the study of science.

Dr. Hannah Gray, at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, recently prescribed a treatment that “functionally cured” a baby girl with a HIV infection. She is a pediatrician whose specialty is pediatric AIDS treatment. This is a powerful discovery that can be created to research and scientific discovery. Dr. Gay happens to also be a committed follower of Jesus. In a newspaper interview she says, “My faith affects everything I do. It defines who I am. It is actually everything I do and that includes my medical career.”

Is science and faith truly opposed to one another? Can we hold…

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