Just starting

Two things that you have to know about me:

I am Southern born and Southern bred and when I die I will be Southern dead. I was raised in the south but that doesn’t mean I bought into the traditions of the South. In fact, growing up in the South of the 1960’s led me to becoming a liberal. You cannot further your own life when you suppress someone else. I was baptized an evangelical, I was confirmed an evangelical, and I am an evangelical Christian today. But I am not an evangelical that closes the doors of the church to others; I am not an evangelical who supports war or sees war as a means of presenting the Gospel message to the world; I am not one who has only compassion for the poor, the sick, the homeless, and the oppressed. To be an evangelical means to present the Gospel message of hope, justice, and freedom from oppression to the world. If that means taking action to relieve poverty, heal the sick, feed the hungry, house the homeless, give aid to the needy, and free the oppressed, so be it.

I am certainly not an evangelical who would seek to impose my views on others. I hope that what I present in these commentaries and the thoughts that I express will give you pause to think about who you are and where you are on your journey in life.