Open For Business?

If it was not already evident, you should know that I am not a fan of megachurches or their philosophical approach to Christianity (“theology-lite”). The article in today’s New York Times is shocking and frightening, but expectable. There have been some pretty funny things posted on a variety of sites lately but this does not appear to be a joke.

At least eight of this country’s megachurches in this country, including the flagship Willow Creek, will close their doors on Sunday morning, December 25th, Christmas Day. Willow Creek will provide a DVD for that it produced that features a “heartwarming contemporary Christmas tale”. New Birth Missionary Baptist Church has a streaming video of their services and they expect that people will gather around the computer on Sunday morning to watch the services with their family on Sunday morning.

Granted, there are not too many years when Christmas falls on a Sunday (the last time was in 1994) but when it does, shouldn’t that be a day of really special worship? Why not bring the family and celebrate the birth of the Savior? Is not the presence of Christ what this day of the year is all about? Or shall we be like the rest of the world who some two thousand years ago didn’t even know that Christ was born in Bethlehem?

My church will be open for business as usual this coming December 25th. Will yours?

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