My 100th Post

This is the 100th post on my blog. I think that is an amazing number, especially since I generally only do one post a week. And since tomorrow is the First Sunday in Advent and the beginning of the new liturgical year, it only makes sense that I make the 100th post some sort of general commentary.

My first post to this blog went public on 13 June 2005 and I started my weekly posting on 1 July 2005. Over that span of time, I have posted the sermons that I have preached and the sermons that I would have preached. Not every post generated a comment but some really did.

My posting of “Maybe We Should Study War More Often” on 11 July 2006 generated 14 comments and was in part, I think, the reason for the development of a post on another blog. This post was written in response to the 7 comments that my post of “Study War No More” (1 July 2006) generated. I have had one post that generated 6 comments and one post that generated 5 comments.

I started counting the number of visitors who come to my site back in August of this year. I also have had problems with the counter so I don’t have a true count of the number of the number of visitors to my little spot in the electronic universe. But the visitors come from all over the place and that is always nice to see.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many people visit this site and it doesn’t matter where the people come from. In the end, it doesn’t how many comments get generated. What matters is that for one moment in time, something I wrote makes someone’s life better or causes someone to think about what is happening in this world.

Let’s see what the next 100 posts bring.

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