Thoughts for Scout Sunday

Today is Boy Scout Sunday and something of an anniversary for me. It was on this Sunday in 1965 that I took my first public steps in a lay ministry that has brought me to this time and place.

In September, 1964, Gary Smith, Don Fisher, and I began a course of study with Reverend George Edie that would lead to the God and Country award in Scouting and our confirmation as members of the 1st Evangelical United Brethren Church of Aurora, Colorado (now the 1st United Methodist Church of Aurora).

On most Sundays, the three of us served as acolytes for the two morning services. When our troops (Gary and I were in the troop sponsored by the church; Don belonged to another troop) went camping, we prepared Sunday morning devotionals. But on this Sunday we assisted Reverend Edie with the entire service (letting other members of our troops serve as the acolytes). Thus it was that I began my journey with Christ and for Christ.

In May, 1965, we completed the course of study and received our God and Country awards and were confirmed as members in full connection. But, more importantly, through our examples of service and study, our thoughts, words, and deeds, ten other scouts heard the call that we had heard and they began their own study.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Scout Sunday

  1. I was a Cub Scout as a boy, and now how I wish that I had gone all the way through the Boy Scouts. What an opportunity it would have been for me to grow!

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