The Wesley Ministry Survey

On 5 February 2007, I posted the following questions on The Methoblog and invited responses from the readers.

1) If you attended college or are presently attending college, were you aware of the Wesley Ministry on your campus?

2) If you were aware of the Wesley Ministry, did you take part in it?

3) What was the outcome of your involvement?
a) Found Christ
b) Knew Christ before coming, the ministry gave me a place to understand Him
c) Changed my decision about what I wanted to do in my life.
d) Affirmed my decision to enter into the ministry.

Now, I realize that this was not the best scientific inquiry (I used a questionnaire approach when I was doing the research on my doctorate). But if you are interested in scientific accuracy, there are better ways of collecting data. Still the responses gained from this survey give us information that we need to seriously consider.

There were twelve responses. Of the twelve responses, four indicated that they were not aware of the Wesley ministry on their campus at the time they started college.

We can assume that these four individuals, based on the fact that they knew of the Methoblog, later formed some sort of relationship with Christ. But this also means that it took those four individuals longer to come into relationship with Christ than it possibly took the other eight individuals. The question that must be asked is how many others never knew about the Wesley ministry on campus and never have formed a relationship with Christ..

We remember Jesus speaking of the shepherd who, after the flock has been put away for the evening, goes looking for the one sheep that did come into the pen with the rest of the flock. Is not the mission of the Wesley ministry on college campuses to offer the safe haven for those seeking Christ? Is not the mission of the Wesley ministry on college to seek that one lost individual who has not found Christ but is vainly trying?

Of the remaining eight individuals in this survey, four knew of the Wesley ministry but did not take part. No questions were asked to tell us why they did not take part. But four did take part and each one of the four indicated that their participation in the Wesley ministry had an impact on their relationship with Christ. The impact varied in terms of the ministry but it was a positive ministry.

There are some who think that money spent on the Wesley ministry is better spent elsewhere. But this relatively simple and very non-scientific survey tells us that four individuals in a group of twelve had their lives changed by the presence of the Wesley ministry. It also tells us that while the lives eight individuals out of twelve were ultimately changed, it was not necessarily done when they were in college.

College is time of learning, both in terms of the intellect and the spirit. For the first time, students are away from home and exposed to questions they often never were asked. The presence of the Wesley ministry is an opportunity to offer better answers and also offer those who need a haven a place that they can come.

If you are an alumnus of the Wesley ministry, make sure that you are supporting it and make sure that your conference is doing so as well. There will be at least one person who thirty-five years after they graduated from college who will be able to look back and know that their lives were changed or saved because the United Methodist Church cared to put a presence on their college campus.

1 thought on “The Wesley Ministry Survey

  1. You did a good job.

    Liked what you said and hope people who read it think about it and the outreach to all after leaving high school especially the ones in college that do and hopefully will contine to have Wesley Foundations to look to for that Christian family at college

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