My Top Posts For 2007

These are the posts that I am listing as the top posts for 2007; if you have one that was a favorite of yours, let me know.

The Lost Generation

October 14

The Future for the Methodist Church

September 29

Don’t Know Much History

October 2

Liberal Arts and Science Education in the 21st Century

November 19

Who Shall Be Invited? (sermon)

September 2

The Message Is Clear (sermon)

January 21

Other posts of interest – “It’s a Journey, not a Thought” was selected as “Best of the Methoblogosphere” for the week of September 15th.

The post Supporting Our Troops – The Tragedy of Building 18 (March 3rd) generated five follow up posts – “The Tragedy of Building 18 Continued” (October 21st, “It is time to speak out” (October 21st), “The Tragedy Continues” (November 22), “It Is Time To Speak Out Again” (November 22), and “An Update” (November 23).

There was a follow-up to “It Happened Again” (April 22) – “It Happened Again – Part 2” (April 27)

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