60 Excuses for a Closed Mind

Just something to think about

  1. We tried that before.
  2. Our place is different.
  3. It costs too much.
  4. That’s beyond our control.
  5. That’s not my job.
  6. We’re all too busy to do that.
  7. It’s too radical of a change for this group.
  8. We don’t have the time.
  9. There is not enough help.
  10. That will make the other equipment obsolete.
  11. Let’s make a market research test of it first.
  12. Our plant is too small for it.
  13. Not practical for operating people.
  14. The people will never buy it.
  15. The supervisors will scream.
  16. We’ve never done it before.
  17. It’s against company policy.
  18. It runs up our overhead.
  19. We don’t have the authority.
  20. That’s too ivory tower.
  21. Let’s get back to reality.
  22. That’s not our problem.
  23. Why change, it’s still okay.
  24. I don’t like the idea.
  25. You’re right, but. . .
  26. You’re two years ahead of time.
  27. We’re not ready for that idea.
  28. We don’t have the money, the room, the equipment, the personnel, etc.
  29. It isn’t in the budget.
  30. It’s a good thought but highly impractical.
  31. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
  32. Let’s hold it in abeyance.
  33. Let’s give it more thought.
  34. Management would never do something like that.
  35. Let’s put it in writing.
  36. We’ll be the laughing stock of the public.
  37. Not that crazy idea again!
  38. We’d lose in the long run.
  39. Where did you dig that one up?
  40. We did all right without it.
  41. That’s what to expect for staff.
  42. It’s never been tried.
  43. Let’s shelve that idea for the moment.
  44. Let’s form a committee.
  45. Has anyone else ever done it?
  46. Division won’t like it.
  47. I don’t see the connection.
  48. It won’t work in our plant.
  49. What are you really saying?
  50. Maybe that will work in your department, but not in mine.
  51. The Employee Involvement Committee will never do it.
  52. Don’t you think we should look into it before we act?
  53. What do they do at our competitor’s plant?
  54. Let’s sleep on it.
  55. It can’t be done.
  56. It’s too much trouble to change.
  57. It won’t pay for itself.
  58. I know a fellow who it tried it.
  59. It’s impossible.
  60. We’ve always done it this way.
  61. And the all time favorite — WE’RE NO WORSE THAN OUR COMPETITORS!

5 thoughts on “60 Excuses for a Closed Mind

  1. One that I did not see but hear from too many people who are suppose to be in support positions is “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”…How many things would never have been discovered if someone didn’t try to “fix” something that wasn’t “broke”…..

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