What Is Today’s Date?

I post the following comments knowing that Sunday morning marks the renewal of Daylight Savings Time.  Remember that we are to “spring forward”, though what I am writing suggests that we are falling back.


As the government sought support for the troops fighting the war, the economy at home was in shambles and the people at home were starving.  There was evidence that the troops at the front were also poorly supplied as well.

On the left, voices were being raised to end the war and feed the people.  But right wing political parties, with the support of business and military interests, openly sought to destroy the efforts of the political left.  In fact, the government went even so far as to draft all the leaders of the political left.

It is obvious that this could not be today since we do not have a draft but it sounds very familiar to this country in 2008.  It was the state of matters in Germany in 1918. 


It is redundant to say that we cannot live in a world of peace when we live in a world of war.  But war takes away from everyone and there is no true winner.  If we insist on continuing the war in Iraq, no matter who is elected President this coming November, and we continue to ignore the economic problems at home, there can never be peace anywhere.

If we continue insisting that the answer to the problems in this world is through armed force, there will never be peace but only continued violence.  Peace will only come when the factors that encourage violence (hunger, homelessness, sickness, oppression) are removed.  It will not happen overnight but it will happen.

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