Ten Pretty Good Rules

My notes say that these rules were first compiled by Fellows of the Studies Group at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island (1982 -1983) and modified by D. A. Stuart in 1984.

  1. Never wrestle with a pig; you both get dirty and the pig likes it! Corollary: Never try to teach a pig to sing; it annoys the pig and it can’t be done anyway.
  2. Never argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference!
  3. Observe everything; admire nothing [know you’re ignorant!]
  4. It’s easier to obtain forgiveness than it is permission!
  5. Rarely resist the opportunity to keep your mouth shut!
  6. Don’t ask the question if you cannot live with the answer!
  7. If you want a new idea, read an old book!
  8. If you don’t know [care] where you’re going, any road will take you there!
  9. Never have a philosophy which supports a lack of [integrity or] courage!
  10. Never look back unless you intend to go that way!

2 thoughts on “Ten Pretty Good Rules

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