The Difference between Republicans and Democrats

For the past few months, I have been trying to find a joke that describes the differences between Democrats and Republicans. There are several parts to this joke comparing the attitudes and behaviors of such individuals. The punch line for the last comparison points out that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is why there are so few Republicans and so many Democrats. But now matter how I phrase the search, I can’t seem to find the joke.

It’s not that I haven’t found jokes with that title; it is just that most of these jokes are very sarcastic (not to say that the one I am looking for isn’t) but there are limits to sarcasm and some of these jokes go beyond the boundaries of good taste.

In the meantime, I could not help but note that John McCain’s presidential campaign recently used the songs “Running On Empty” by Jackson Browne and “Still the One” by John Hall (when he was with the group Orleans). I don’t know Jackson Browne’s political affiliation but John Hall happens to be a member of Congress and a Democrat. And the problem with this particular example is that George Bush used the same song in his presidential campaign in 2004.

Jackson Browne has sued the McCain campaign for failing to ask his permission to use the song; the McCain campaign has filed a motion asking that the suit be dismissed because the ad was covered under “fair-use standards.”

Republicans believe in business and the individual but they fail to respect one of the basic aspects of private enterprise, the copy-right. No matter what one’s political beliefs may be, it seems to me that if you state that you are for the individual and then you take that individual’s property (be it real property or intellectual property), you are doing what you complain the other person does.


8 thoughts on “The Difference between Republicans and Democrats

  1. Here is one version of the joke:

    1. Republican’s usually wear hats.

    Democrats usually don’t.

    2. Democrats buy banned books.

    Republicans form censorship committees and read them.

    3. Democrats eat the fish they catch.

    Republicans hang them on the wall.

    4. Republicans study the finacial pages of the newspaper.

    Democrats put them on the bottom of the bird cage.

    5. On Saturday Republicans head for the golf course, the yacht club or the hunting lodge.

    Democrats get a haircut, wash the car, or go bowling.

    6. Republicans have guest rooms.

    Democrats have spare rooms filled with old baby furniture.

    7. Republicans hire exterminators.

    Democrats step on the bugs.

    8. Republicans sleep in twin beds….some even in separate rooms.

    That is why there are more Democrats.

    source: Adapted from the National Republican Congressional Committee newsletter.

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  7. Problem is, it’s describing so-called “country club” Republicans, not the every day conservative Republican. The real reason there have been more Democrats is that the Democrat Party has been far better at marketing, while the country club Republicans in charge of the Republican Party are pretty much pathetic when it comes to the same. Besides that, the left took over education after WWII and began indoctrinating students with nonsense – that’s why so many Americans are stupid today.

    • Steve,
      You will note that I posted this some seven years ago so the thoughts about who Republicans are have clearly changed. As to who took over education, I will leave that comment alone, except to say some would have say the left took over back at the beginning of the 20th century. I suppose that is all in one’s perspective.

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