It’s all in the name

Just some thoughts on a cold and blustery April day that seems more like March – today the piece that I wrote for Palm Sunday last year (“Why Do We Celebrate Palm Sunday?”) passed the 1000 readers mark (as of this moment, 1022 people have looked at the piece on my blog and another 36 looked at it through other posts, most likely “The Methoblog”).  I suppose, as the statistics page for WordPress shows, that most of the people are looking for information on Palm Sunday.

When I posted my top posts for 2008 (“My Top Posts for 2008”) showed this piece as number 4 with “The Chemistry of Bowling:  A Short History of Bowling Balls, Lanes, Coatings, and Conditioners” as the number one post for 2008.  It is currently at 945 and should past the 1000 mark in the next couple of weeks.

The #2 post on the top posts for 2008 (“The Lost Generation”) was, until recently, the #1 post all-time.  It now ranks third with 645 readers.  I suspect that it will start climbing again this spring when high school English teachers start assigning reports on Scott Fitzgerald and the other writers of the “lost generation”.

So, it would appear that the name that you put on a piece has a lot to do with who reads it (or at least searches for it).

If I could figure out why the following:“The Winner Is …?”, “Where Shall God Rest?”, “At What Point”, “Just a passing thought”, “Hearing God’s Call” – are the least read, I might know what to do.

By the way, my 2009 Palm Sunday piece will be up by tomorrow morning.

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