Technology Update

Just so that everyone knows, I am not opposed to technology.  I think it has its role in what we do but I don’t think that it will replace or can replace what we do.

This year I video-taped two of my sermons, “Do You Understand?” and “A Conversation Across the Ages”.  We are still trying to upload the second piece but I found a way to update the the first one without having to chop it up into smaller parts (doing so reminded me of listening to a copy of Ravel’s “Bolero” on a set of 78 rpm records (now that’s an old technology!) – just as the record got moving, it would change records.)

So, I have posted the video of ““Do You Understand?” to the web –

"Do You Understand" from Tony Mitchell on Vimeo.

I haven’t worked on it so you see it as it happened.  Hope you enjoy it; I had fun preparing it.

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