Working For The Lord – Summer, 2010

I started this particular summer summary when I posted “Who Will Work For The Lord?”  It follows “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” (Summer, 2008) and “On The Road Again” (Summer, 2009.)

June 27 – New Milford United Methodist Church- “What does It Take”

July 4    – Combined services of the Fort Montgomery United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church of the Highlands – “The Problem With Change”

July 11  – Cornwall United Methodist Church -  “Drawing A Straight Line”

July 18  – Hankins United Methodist Church – “Are We Watching The Same Game?”

July 25  – Hankins United Methodist Church – “To Build a New Community”

August 1 – Ridges/Roxbury United Methodist Church and The United Methodist Church of Springdale – “Time Has Come Today”

August 8 – Van Corlandtville Community Church – “The Answer to the Question”

August 29 – Dover United Methodist Church – "Square Pegs and Round Holes"

September 5 – Dover United Methodist Church – "Hold On Now"

I will also be at Dover on October 24th, December 26th, and January 2nd; the location of the church is included with each post.  If I add any dates to this list, I will also add the locations.

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