The dog in fact did eat the homework

There was a recent discussion on the CHEMED list (a list devoted to a discussion of chemical education and related education topics) that was initiated by the following (paraphrased) comment. 

A student missed two exams and gave as his reason for missing the exams, “the power went off and I could not get the garage door open.” (It should be and was noted that there is a manual release for such openers.)

As a follow-up comment, one teacher commented,

that his dog did indeed eat the students’ test papers.  So he didn’t automatically think the excuses were invalid.

Another comment followed.

 I put the student papers on the floor next to the computer.  This was probably not a wise thing to do with a “leaky” puppy in the house.  Fortunately, the grades had already been recorded.  The students were told they could have the papers back if they wanted them.

And the one that I love:

We have a cat that loves to chew cords.  A laptop was left out over night and the next day they had to tell the IT department that their cat ate the mouse.

More dogs —

I was sitting on the floor in the living room grading on the coffee table.  My wife let our two elkhounds inside after being out in a torrential downpour but didn’t get the door from the garage to the house closed in time.  So there was mud, wet fur and ripped pages.

This was also provided by the same individual and does I believe qualify as one of the better excuses.

My essay is on my computer.  My computer is at the police station where it is being held as evidence.  It turns out that this individual’s roommate was using the computer to keep the records for the pot business that they ran on the sly.

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