What Are They Thinking?


Have you noticed the recent Chrysler commercial for their mini-van?  You know the one where three young boys at elementary school challenging another much younger boy to a race?  I suppose that when they created this commercial they didn’t think about it but every time I see it now, I see that one young man basically running for his life.  Maybe I am putting too much into it but with the discussion and comments about the amount of bullying in the schools today, I wonder if Chrysler shouldn’t take down that ad.


I used to subscribe to the Alternet news along with Truthout and Mother Jones.  I still subscribe to Truthout and Mother Jones but I stopped receiving Alternet.  It had nothing to do with what they were reporting (though it did tend to be a repeat of Truthout.  In light of what many news organizations do today, I appreciate these alternative views.

No, I dropped them over a matter of advertising.  I know that you have to advertise in order to survive, especially if you are non-profit organization.  I would support these organizations if I could but I am not in a position, like so many others, to that right now.  So they are in a position of having to advertise to get some revenue to keep the news coming.  But Alternet accepted Google Ads and it seemed like every time I opened up the Alternet web site, I was looking at a political ad for a Republican or a Tea Party candidate, the very people that Alternet philosophically opposes.

What does that say about the people at Alternet?  I know when the Methoblog first started taking ads, it ran the Google ads for a while.  That is, until it was pointed out that one of the ads was for “ordination by mail”, something totally antithetical to the United Methodist philosophy.

Should any organization runs ads for their opposition?  According to the person who wrote me when I asked, they have to accept all ads, no matter who they are from or they will lose their non-profit status.  Fair enough, but is money that important that it will override the philosophy of the organization?  Given the nature of this world, I will argue that Alternet sold out.  And when they sold out,  I dropped out.

Our Thinking Today

Our thinking today seems at times superficial, at times, ridiculous.  We will gladly sell out our principles for a few coins of silver and think that it doesn’t make any difference in the outcome of life.  The Pharisees and the Scribes laughed at Judas – what are they thinking today about us?

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