They Are At Again

I am constantly amazed by the hypocrisy of politics (and, yes, I am being sarcastic). Of course, I am also amazed at the willingness of people to accept much of today’s political rhetoric as truth as well and believing that the promises of the candidates (on both sides of the aisle) will become reality upon their election.

If each one of us would stop for a moment and think (a daring thought, I know) about what is happening in this country, then the whole political landscape would change. But we don’t and we let politicians throw mud (forget slinging) at each other, not realizing that what misses the target lands on us. We do not challenge politicians whose political voice is determined by the audience who listens. Remember Pat Paulsen, who “ran” for President in 1968 on the “Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”, and the videotape piece they put together showing him talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time?

And please don’t get me started on those who call themselves Christian and conservative; it just doesn’t mix. I loved how those who espouse “family values” support Newt Gingrich. I suppose they do that because he has two previous families and one current family.

And for a party that supposedly expresses the right of the individual, they don’t seem to get it. The New York Times for 4 February 2012 reports G.O.P. Candidates Are Told, Don’t Use the Verses, It’s Not Your Song. It would be possibly funny except this is not the first time that the party which espouses the rights of the individual has violated those very rights. In a piece I posted following the 2008 election (The Difference between Republicans and Democrats) I noted that the Republican candidates were doing the same thing. It would appear that many more Republican candidates were caught doing it this time. I guess conservatism means that you do the same thing no matter how wrong or unethical it may seem.

It was noted in the Times article that many rock and roll stars favor the Democratic Party, though it didn’t say what they may be doing in this election year. Could it be that rock and roll, which has a history of going against the main stream, speaks to the very nature of true politics? Are not the songs of my generation more in tune with the true nature of this country and not the country that Republicans and conservatives would prefer (which may explain why country and western singers tend to be Republican)? I find it amazing that Republicans would be upset that they cannot use rock and roll songs without the permission of the writer of the song. You would think that they would respect the basic laws of this country but then again the only people that Republicans respect have bank accounts that have totals that exceed 8 figures which ought to tell you something.

For the record, when I vote this November, it will be for an independent candidate and not one of the major party candidates. That the Republicans would again violate copyright laws is only a minor point. Both parties are doing the same thing again, looking and grubbing for money and ignoring the real problems of this country. I cannot support that type of approach. And I hope that you cannot either.

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