“They Are At It Again, version 2”

Back in February of 2012, I posted a piece entitled “They Are At Again” (yes, I know that it is missing an “it” but I sometimes type faster than I think) in which I noted a New York Times article that indicated that the GOP was being told (again) to stop using songs without permission from the artists.

Well, guess what?! They haven’t learned. The band “Silversun Pickups” has sent the Romney campaign a cease-and-desist letter because the Romney people are using one of the band’s songs (“Panic Switch”) without the band’s permission. I have never heard this band or this song but based on the title of the song used I would agree with the band’s attorney who wrote in the letter “While you are (probably) inadvertently playing a song that describes your whole campaign, we doubt that “Panic Switch” really sends the message you intend.” (From Cheat Sheet “Band Sends Romney Cease and Desist” and TMZ “Mitt Romney Accused of Hijacking Pickups Song”)

As I noted in my earlier piece, “The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats”, the McCain campaign was asked to stop using Jackson Browne’s song “Running on Empty” and John Hall’s “Still the One.”

The Republican party makes a big issue about being inclusive and being the party of the individual. But I guess, especially when one considers the statements and thoughts of Paul Ryan, the only individual who counts is one’s self; everyone else is second.

They are a party who feels that they are entitled to steal the intellectual property of others but no one else is entitled to a fair deal.

I am tired of both sides throwing mud at each other but I guess I am even more tired when things such as this, the violation of copy-right law, occurs because it only shows the hypocrisy of the party and does little to move this country forward.

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