My take on the 2013 Super Bowl

Okay, the Baltimore Ravens are playing the San Francisco 49ers in this year’s Super Bowl.

I don’t know which Super Bowl it is but at least it gives us the opportunity to remember our Roman numerals from school. Do you think that they still teach that system because the NFL needs that information?

I think this year’s version (whatever number it might be) is going to be very interesting, at least for one family. The coach of the Ravens is John Harbaugh and he is the older brother of the 49er’s coach, Jim Harbaugh.

I can almost hear their mother saying, “Now, John, you let little Jim win every now and then.”

And where will the Harbaugh family sit? Will Mom and Dan sit on the Raven’s side of the field for the first half and then shift to the 49er’s side for the second half?

These are serious questions that must be resolved before the game starts.

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