“The Greatest of These Is Love”

Monday, April 22nd, was Ann’s (“Grannie Annie”) birthday. The following poem was written by our pastor, Frank Windom, and was read to the people who came to Grannie Annie’s Kitchen on Saturday the 20th. The youth of the church were engaged in the “30-Hour Famine” and, as part of the effort, came up to help serve the people. They provided what was the first of many surprises that day by leading the group in singing “Happy Birthday” to her. She will tell you that it was the best birthday she has ever had.


And The Greatest of These Is Love

Ann Marie Mitchell

April 20, 2013

There are those whom we meet whose life says love.

There is Mother Teresa of India who committed herself in love to the peoples of the streets and poverty.

And there is Ann Marie who gave herself to the children and women of India to better their lives through developing and using their God given gifts.

There was a man who immersed himself in the tranquility and beauty of nature: the flowers, the butterflies, and the birds.

And there is Ann Marie who digs in the garden of the church, plants the seeds that give new life, and feed the birds that bring their songs.

There were some women who called themselves Methodist who saw older women who lived in the street and they started The Methodist Home for Older Women.

There were some women who called themselves Methodist who went to Ellis Island with food to feed the new arrivals and to welcome and assist them to their new home.

There were some men who saw that the sailors from all over the world had no safe and decent place to stay or eat when in the Port of New York. They started The American Seamen’s Friend Society and Sailors’ Home and Institute. This place near the waterfront of Manhattan served as home for many transient voyagers.

There is Ann Marie who cooks the finest breakfast on the banks of the Hudson and opens the doors with of cup of Joe, a beautiful smile, and the Word of Love to all.

Come, ye who are hungry. Come, ye who have no family. Come, ye who have no church. Come, ye who seek peace from the street.

Grannie Annie’s kitchen is open. Come and be fed.


Happy Birthday,

Pastor Frank

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