Why I Stayed

I am at at Lake Mahopac UMC (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&geocode=914904451455961745,41.372340,-73.730150&saddr=41.37234,-73.73015&daddr=&mra=pr&sll=41.374103,-73.730471&sspn=0.0599,0.142136&ie=UTF8&ll=41.374103,-73.730471&spn=0.0599,0.142136&source=embed) this Sunday, the 3rd Sunday after Pentecost (C); the Scripture readings for today are 1 Kings 17: 8 – 24, Galatians 1: 11 – 24, and Luke 7: 11 – 17. Services start at 10 and you are welcome to attend. One of the questions I will be asking is how could people help the poor, the homeless, or the oppressed if Jesus was a myth or a legend? (I will have the full message posted later this evening). What this piece that I am reblogging tells us that when you know that Jesus is not a myth or a legend but a real person who showed concerned for others and whose death on the Cross gave us freedom and that we need to be as responsive to the needs of the people as He was for us. David, we may not be there with you but we are with you in the Spirit of the Lord. I hope and pray that your actions and the actions of your friends speak volumes to the North Carolina state legislature and that their actions will be reversed quickly.
In peace and with Christ,
Tony MItchell

Pacifist Pirate

I’ve had a lot of memorable “firsts” in my life.

I remember my first dance. My first kiss. My first car. My first car crash. My first time snowboarding. My first open water dive. My first ride on a motorcycle. My first time swimming in the crater of an active volcano.

Having  graduated from divinity school less than a month ago, I have spent some time reflecting on other important “firsts” I have experienced over the past three and a half years: The first time I felt affirmed in reading the Bible against the grain of popular interpretation. The first time I was able to see the God-breathed beauty of the messiness that is our sacred scripture, and our living tradition. The first time I felt my bones crushed by the responsibility of speaking a faithful word from the pulpit. The first time I spent the night in a hospital…

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