Further Thoughts on the Texas Abortion Decision: Framing the Question

I like this post, simply because it addresses the issues that are often not addressed in the debate.

The Thoughtful Pastor

An Ideal World

I’m with Rick Perry, Governor of Texas (whom I personally find embarrassing in his egomaniacal drive to become President of the US) on one thing only:  in an ideal world, there would be no abortions.

But also in an ideal world there would be cohesive families, no rape or incest, no fetal deformities incompatible with life,  no spousal/girlfriend abuse, no abandoned mothers/children, affordable health care and insurance, high quality subsidized day-care available to all who need it, an economy that makes meaningful work available to all, an educational system that does not shortchange the poorest of the poor, and religious practices that show the world what real, sacrificial love looks like.

Last time I checked, we don’t live in a world like that. It is right for us as a society to see how we can do that. The government must be in the business of creating…

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