Live Churches

This is clearly something that everyone needs to read!

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Found this as I was perusing for illustrations on spiritual growth. Source is unknown but the words are powerful…Image

Live churches’ expenses are always more than their income; dead churches don’t need much money!

Live churches have parking problems; Dead churches have empty spaces!

Live churches may have some noisy children; Dead churches are quiet as a cemetery.

Live churches keep changing their ways of doing things; Dead churches see no need for change!

Live churches grow so fast you can’t keep up with people’s names; In dead churches everybody always knows everybody’s name.

Live churches strongly support world missions; Dead churches keep the money at home!

Live churches are full of regular, cheerful givers; Dead churches are full of grudging tippers!

Live churches move ahead on prayer and faith; Dead churches work only on sight!

Live churches plant daughter churches; Dead churches fear spending the money, time, and talent!

Live churches…

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