What Is A Methodist?

Considering that I have to take courses in the history and polity of the United Methodist Church, this is a pretty good list to have available.


I’m a Meth-head

Wait. That doesn’t sound right….

I’m a Methodist nerd, how about that? Specifically, I’m a John Wesley nerd. I think that Methodism, at its very core, has incredible things to offer this world. Our way of understanding the gospel, and sharing the love of God, is incredibly applicable to the world we find ourselves in.

Alas, so many Methodists do not know what it means to have inherited this rich heritage, passed onto to us through the past 229 plus years.

I’ve begun a new members class at my church and have opened it to current members as well. The whole point is to teach people about what Methodist Christians believe and how we live this out, or at least how we should.

To help spread my methodistness (methodisticity? methodistasticness?) I wrote a newsletter article that went through the sixteen points John Wesley made about Methodist identity…

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