Questions To Ask Your Representative and Senators

I know that the following will make some people mad because they want to direct their anger and/or displeasure with the occupant in the White House but here are some questions that should be directed to your Congressman and Senator, no matter what party they belong to?

  1. Why are members of Congress getting paid during the “shutdown”?
  2. Who determines who is an essential employee and who is a non-essential employee?
  3. Why are we, the taxpayers, not allowed to have a voice in the salaries of Representatives and Senators?
  4. Why are Representatives and Senators eligible for full pensions even after serving one-term?
  5. And finally, why are we not allowed to have the same health care benefits that Representatives and Senators have? As plans go, it is a far cry better than anything conceived or offered to the public.

I know it is a lot to ask but why is it that we are suppose to struggle to get by and like it while our elected representatives can live a style that they think that have a right to live in?

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