A Prayer for Today, This Society, and This World

Something inside was not comfortable at noon when I turned on the TV and then when I went to CNN I knew why.  I have been impressed by the prayer capability of this class and feel that we need to focus on praying that this epidemic of gun violence which is sweeping this nation and this world be stopped.  I know that guns are not necessarily the problem but they are the means by which so many people see the solution to their problem.

Let us pray that we find ways to peacefully resolve the issues between individuals, groups, and nations and that the use of violence as the means to solving problems be reduced and eliminated.  May the peace that is the Holy Spirit descend on all the people this hour and this day.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer for Today, This Society, and This World

  1. Amen as well. But now we need to act. When I was growing up, all of the guns (shot guns and rifles used for hunting) were always emptied of ammo and locked away safely. Only adults had the keys. Time to demand responsibility from those who own guns and controls to increase the likelihood that only responsible people have guns. That is what I would call “well regulated”.

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