Couldn’t They Have Been A Bit More Subtle?

A while back I posted a piece entitled “There’s A Sermon In Here Somewhere But First A Warning!”. The problem with that particular e-mail is that it looked and felt proper; only some searching proved that it was a scam of the first order.

Today, I got an e-mail that was so obvious a scam it wasn’t even funny. Here is the message in its entirety.

The subject line read “Urgent For Your ATM Card”.

Dear .

How are you? hope all is well with you and your
family.I know that you
might have forgotten about this your outstanding
fund due to our
mistake to delay the delivery up till now.I am
writing to inform you
that your file was found in our office today and
we discovered that
your cheque of $10.8 Million united state
dollars have not been sent
to you as it was instructed by our late boss
Mrs. Victoria Crawford.

We are very sorry for the mistake and the delay,
please bear with us
because the fault is from our former secretary
who did not complete
the instruction giving by our boss.My dear, Note
that your cheque has
been convert into Master ATM Card to free it
from Expiring. This is to
tell you that the arrangement to deliver to you
the $ 10.8 Million in
ATM CARD is concluded today.

Now Your ATM CARD is well packaged with every
legal documents to cover
it from not having any problem with any Office
Authority or with your
Federal Government and we have deposit your ATM
Card with the
conclusion to deliver it to your home as soon as
you contact them with
your current information

1. Your Full name,________________
2. Your home Address______________
3. Your current telephone number, ______
4. A copy of your _____________
5. Your age/sex,____________________
6. Your country,____________________
7. Your occupation,__________________

For your Information, We have paid for the
delivery charges. Therefore
you should please contact them now to avoid
additional cost of
dumorrage , after 2days, it should be counting
on dumorrage.Therefore
you should contact them immediately to avoid
paying any dumarrage or
keeping fees to them ok, I deposited it
Yesterday.My dear, you should
contact the ATM Center Director on this below
E-mail. (
Contact Person; Dr. Stephen Williams
Tele Phone MOBILE Number;:...+229-98-678910

Please try to call him immediately to know when
Your ATM CARD could be
deliver to you.I wait for your update as soon as
you have receive your
ATM CARD Package.
Thanks and God Bless You.
Yours sincerely
Mr.Mr James Alfred

I just wish once that when I received something like this, it was so obvious a scam. There are times when I miss e-mails from Nigeria.

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