“National Chemistry Week

I would be remiss if I did not make note of National Chemistry Week occurring next week — 19 October to 25 October.  And let us not forget Mole Day, which, as always, occurs on October 23rd (10 – 23 for those who remember). 

If you remember nothing else, know that everything you use in life is a chemical and that while there are toxic chemicals, not all chemicals are toxic.  

Second point, all food is organic! I do not know of any food that does not contain the carbon atom and the inclusion of the carbon atom as the main atom means that it is an organic compound. When you buy foods that are labeled organic, you are buying foods made with a limited amount of pesticides, insecticides, and probably fertilizer. 

What I have observed in the many years since I received my B. S. in Chemistry is that we really don’t understand chemistry; in fact, we have a hard time with science in general.  As we celebrate National Chemistry Week, let’s make a concerted effort to push for an increase in funding for science and mathematics education in particular and in education in general.  It will make this a better world and is a lot easier to do when compared to the alternatives.


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