Thoughts On Various Topics – Vaccinations

I have not been posting much these past few months, primarily because I have had to deal and still am dealing with some personal issues. But we are getting through those problems (though I humbly ask that you pray for a reasonable resolution of the health, emotional, and financial problems we are currently facing).

One of the ways that I think I do need to do is begin writing again, perhaps not so much on theological or lectionary topics (I have pretty much retired as a lay speaker) but more in the area of science, its interactions with faith and society. This should help me focus on a task that I definitely need to complete.

There are a couple of topics that jump to mind right now in the area of science and its interaction with society. The first is that of vaccinations; the second is the issue of “fracking”; and the third is climate change. I will post something on the last two topics in a few days. But let us turn our attention to that first topic.

As one who espouses libertarian ideas, I believe you have the right to make your own choices. If you, as a parent, do not wish to vaccinate your children, that is your right. However, I also believe that you do not have the right to make a choice which impacts my life. If you do not vaccinate your children because you fear what might happen with the vaccines, you threaten the health of not only your children but my children and grandchildren.

The problem, as I understand it, is not in the vaccine itself but rather in what is used to preserve the vaccines. Instead of not vaccinating your children because you fear the consequences, you need to be working to make sure that whatever is added to the vaccines is safe. This is an entirely different problem.

I also question the claims of many opposed to vaccinations because it comes from the same type of thinking that espouses thoughts that we never landed on the moon or other equally ridiculous conspiracy theories.

As with so many other ideas prevalent in society today, people are willing the claims of offers which have no validity. It is time that we, as a society, work for a more thoughtful approach to life.

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