“This Isn’t A Political Campaign; It’s A Three-Ring Circus!”

Back at the beginning of the 2012 election campaign, I posted a piece entitled “They Are At Again” in which I provided a link to a New York Times piece which pointed out that Republican candidates were again using songs without the permission of the bands or the writers.

This followed incidents in 2008 where Republican candidates used songs without the permission of the bands or the writers. What I liked about 2008 was that at least one Republican candidate used one of John Hall’s songs when he was with the group “Orleans”; the only problem being that at that time the song was being played during the campaign, John Hall was a Democratic congressman from New York (see “The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats”)

Now we read the screw-ups of two of the Republican candidates for the 2016 election circus. Ted Cruz doesn’t own the rights to two potential websites and Rand Paul put a video on YouTube that had a copyright violation, which meant that the video was blocked almost immediately.

Maybe this is a sign of the times. If these two candidates have set the bar for the rest of the field, then it will be very clear that the Republican candidate will push for legislation that moves the clocks back to the 18th, or perhaps even the 17th century. Right now, they don’t know the 21st century and I doubt that they can find their way to next week.

This, by the way, doesn’t mean that I will vote for the Democratic candidate. Right now, my vote is undecided and leaning towards a third party. The only way that we are going to get out of the two party rut we seemed to have fallen into is to look for, support, and then vote for viable and electable third party candidates at all levels of government.

And I am  seriously willing to work for that!


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