“You Are A Better Man Than I”

This is probably going to make some people mad, but maybe it will get them to think. It wasn’t so prevalent when I was in high school but, as I have written before, I can still recall segregated schools and I can remember being in the “wrong” section of a public theater. I don’t think that I ever saw a sign that told me who can drink from a water fountain or which water fountain you were supposed to drink from but I know they were there. And for the most part, most everyone agreed that that was wrong.

But it was all justified because the Bible said it was okay to segregate the races (though I think it took a stretch to come up with the “right” verses to do so).

So, how can it be alright to say to someone you have never met that they can or cannot come into your store or your home or be your friend because of who they want to marry? Oh, I know there are Bible verses that you can quote better than I that will justify your actions but like I said, there were those when I grew up who could quote chapter and verse to justify segregation and whose grandparents (actually, their grandparents’ bosses) who could quote chapter and verse to justify slavery.

I don’t think that God is really interested in how well we can quote obscure text (especially when it is out of context or improperly translated). He is more interested in how you treat everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, what color their skin might be, or with whom they have decided to spend their life.

We have a choice. We can put up signs that tell people whom we will do business with and whom we will interact with or we can just live our lives as they were meant to be live.

I close with a song by the Yardbirds, “Mister, You’re A Better Man Than I.”

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