“Are These The End Times?”

I will admit that I do not believe in the “End Times” prophecies promulgated by Christian fundamentalists (and I wish that they would at least document that much of what they profess to be the outcome came from a 19th century pastor and not from John the Seer or Daniel). But I keep wondering if we aren’t somehow doing it to ourselves without the need of a Biblical reference.

  1. Another shooting in a group environment – let’s not go into whether this was a terrorist event or not. One person took a gun into a theater and killed people! And yet we are afraid to even discuss the issue of reasonable and common sense gun control. Are we so afraid that Wayne LaPierre is going to grab his flintlock rifle off the rack above his fireplace, jump on his horse, and warn us that the British are once again coming to take away our guns?
  2. How many people have died because the police over-reacted? I don’t even what to break down the deaths by race because that’s another issue that we don’t seem to want to deal with. The only benefit that I can see (and I am being sarcastic) is that we will all drive much more safer now because we don’t want to be stopped by the police.
  3. The House of Representatives just passed a bill that would allow employers to fire any employee they wish because that employee does something which goes against their religious beliefs. Even if the Senate passes it, it will be vetoed by President Obama but you can bet it will be introduced again if a Republican (heaven forbid, please) is elected President. By the way, if marriage is defined in terms of having children, then my second and current marriages might be considered illegal.
  4. Perhaps the worst of all is that we seem to be getting dumber. Our educational processes seem more attuned to developing “worker bees” rather than thinkers.

I cannot help but think that we began this path towards self-destruction when Richard Nixon was elected to his second term. At the same time that everyone was affirming his status as one of the greatest Presidents of all time, he was involved in one of the greatest political cover-ups of all time. The most interesting thing about the elections of 1968 and 1972 were that there were entirely based on dividing this country by race, sex, and economic class.

At what point can the people cry out and say enough! Or are we in the “End Times” and it is too late!

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