“Postulating The Existence Of God”

There was a fascinating series recently on PBS called “The First Peoples”. It offered new information about how human beings journeyed out of Africa and moved to Asia, Australia, the Americas, and Europe. In doing so, it offers some new insights about what it means to be a human (and some of those insights are very surprising).

But it is pointed out that early humans had a distinct spirituality. Whether this is, as my wife pointed out, related to Karl Jung’s collective unconscious or something else I do not know. But it suggests to me that we as a people, from ages past, have known there was a God.

Now, this leads me to think of some basic questions. If you do not accept the idea of God, then what do you believe in? How can you explain things beyond the empirical realm?

I will admit that I see the creation of the universe as a 14 billion year old process and that it began, as one cynic labeled it, as a “big bang.” And I understand that it is very possible that this is one unique outcome out of all possible outcomes. But the statistics tell me that it is a very unlikely outcome.

Perhaps we can use the famous “Drake Equation” which suggests that there is more than such world such as ours. 

N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

But even with favorable statistics, we are still left with questions about why this all took place and I am not prepared to say that it just happened and that everything that has taken place is just that way.

Were we created without a purpose? Then why even ask? I know that there are some who have predicated their own lives on making sure that we never ask questions; it is the only way that they can hold onto power.

And for me, that strikes me as one of the most evil things possible. And the existence of evil and the equal presence of good tells me that there has to be a God. You may not believe in the same God that I do but when you track back what you know, it would appear that the one God in my life is the same God in your life.

And that means that we cannot say to someone else that our God is the only God and they have to accept that. But it also means that we need to help people find God.

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