The Situation Today

I am re-blogging this post from a little over four years ago because things really haven’t changed all that much. In fact, the amount of money being spent on political campaigns has probably increased and the needs that I described in this post are probably still the same.

Thoughts From The Heart On The Left

I posted this on my Facebook page earlier today but since not everyone who reads this blog is my friend on Facebook, I figured I would post it here as well.
In the New York Times this morning it was reported that President Obama has raised almost 90 million dollars for his relection campaign.

The Washington Post reported that Mitt Romney raised over 18 million dollars in the last three months. He has more than double the money of his closest competitor (Michele Bachman).

That means that, conservatively, some people or corporations have given over 100 million dollars for an election.

If there ever was a better example of the problems with this country, this has to be it. How many people would have been feed if this money had been directed toward the food banks and feeding ministries of this country? Over 1000 children are now receiving free…

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4 thoughts on “The Situation Today

  1. Interesting, however it is really not relevant to the people running today except Trump who is using his own money. Boo to him and all he stands for jlehman1945 It the Democrats win, it is all over.

    • Well, if I didn’t think it was relevant, I might not have re-posted it. Besides, even if Trump is using his own money, it still reinforces the notion that 1) there is way too much money being spent on politics today and 2) it is becoming very easy for the rich to buy power. Neither of those options can be considered good outcomes.

      As to your inference that should the Democrats win, it is all over (I think you have a typo in your comment), I would beg to differ. How many people have been predicting gloom, death, and destruction for the past eight years or so. Second, what have the Republicans (or conservatives in general) offered as an alternative? They have constantly and/or obstructed every plan put forth to help the common people. They have totally corrupted Christianity and made even harder for those who truly believe to work for Christ.

      I will not say the Democrats are that much better but ideas do seem to flow a lot better from them than from the Republicans.

  2. Well. first I am not a very good typist. So you must forgive me. I however, disagree stringently with your vision of Republicans. I do agree that they have not done anything in Congress lately, so we believe the same thing in that regard. But they are, at least many of them, except Trump ,who is a clown with a lot of money to burn. This is the strongest field of Republicans to run for President in. I believe ever. And any of them besides Trump is a great improvement over anyone running for the liberal Democrats, like Hillary, who is about to be indicted for crimes and probably will not run, though she would be easy to beat. All these individuals are of high caliber and strength in the areas of expertise needed to be an outstanding President. So there is my response to your response. I love reading your entries. jlehman1945. Have your ever reciprocated and visited my blog? I think you would like it. You might just be surprised.

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