Too Gifted?

This is an unpublished devotion that I wrote a few months ago. I would appreciate knowing what you think about it.

Is it possible to be too gifted, to have so many gifts or talents that it is impossible to use them all? How do we know if we have any gifts at all? It would seem to me that you have to know what you have, what your gifts are before you can worry about having too many.
Besides, having too many gifts is only a problem if you never use them. And one doesn’t use one’s gifts for one simply reason; they are afraid to use them.

In the Parable of the Talents, three individuals are each given a set of talents. Now, when ministers and pastors use this parable in their sermon or message, it is often from a financial standpoint, since a talent was a type of coin used back then.

But what if we look at the parable with a slightly different viewpoint, one where a talent represents one’s skills, abilities or gifts? Now, we start off by saying that to be given just one talent should not be considered a disgrace but to do nothing with that one talent would be. And, just as in the parable, to do nothing with what you have been given, will incur the wrath of the Giver.

And those who took the talents that they were given find that their talents have multiplied, which is the case many times today. When you have a set of talents and use them to their fullest, you find other talents developing as well. And as you gain more and more talents, more and more opportunities open up, creating new paths that one might have never thought possible.

So it is quite obvious that one can never have too many talents. But it is also obvious that one has to know what one’s talents are and which ones we should use. There are two steps to doing this. The first is to figure out what your talents are and then you have to find someone to help you develop them. This second step also points out that one of our own gifts might be helping others find their talents.

On a number of occasions, Paul wrote that we were each given some talents and that we should try to use them to the best of our ability. So, we start by figuring out what it is we are interested in and finding out what we need to do to utilize those those talents. This will require that we identify resources and individuals in our community who can help us. And this may mean that sometimes, instead of being the one who is looking, we are the ones providing the help.

We have a great opportunity before us; to build a community based on the skills, gifts, and talents we have, to help others build the skills that they have and to use the skills that we have. And I have a feeling that this will go a long way to building the Kingdom of God because such efforts will transcend race, creed, and culture, much like the early church.


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