Darkness and Light

Yesterday, President Obama announced steps that he was taking to close some loopholes in our gun policies. He wasn’t going against the right to own weapons and he certainly wasn’t taking them away from anyone and yet there are those, including individuals running for President of this country, who are absolutely convinced that is what he said he is going to do.

It comes down to this. Those who oppose the President and the majority of the American people on this matter have yet to propose any legitimate and logical solution. Arming the entire populace on the theory that a “good” guy with a gun will stop a “bad” guy with a guy is hardly logical; for one thing, how will anyone who did not see the entire situation know who the “good” guy is and who the “bad” guy is when they both have guns?

This lack of logical is not limited to the topic of gun control; in fact, it is almost prevalent in all areas of thought and conversation today.

A Christian college fires a professor for saying that the God of Islam is the same as the God of Christianity and Judaism only shows the closed-mindedness of the college administration, not any fundamental truth about the three Abrahamic religions. This mindset will only cause greater divisions between groups and push those seeking salvation away from it.

There is an increasing climate of fear and hatred in this country. Such attitudes only grow in the darkness, a darkness that comes when thought and knowledge are shut out. We can choose to live in a world of darkness, of fear and ignorance, of hatred and violence and let those who preach those ideas try to lead us. But they do not have the light for they have worked hard and long to shut out the light. So these self-proclaimed leaders lead us deeper into the darkness.

But we have a choice. We can let those who would seek to govern in darkness continue or we can challenge them, bring them into the light so that people see what they truly are and that they have nothing.

Darkness wins when people refuse the light.

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