Week in the World: A Moral call to the Nation

This comes from a blogging friend in North Carolina.  What I find interesting is that Reverend Barber asked to speak at both political conventions because the nature of his talk went beyond political boundaries.  And yet the Republican party, despite all their talk about being pro-Christian, refused to let him do so.

You cannot say that you are a Christian when you refuse to hear the Word of God, especially when it calls you to task.  What was it that John the Baptizer and Jesus Himself called us to do?  It was to repent and change our ways!

During the dueling Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Rev. Dr. William Barber’s Moral Movement asked both parties to allow him to address with them the Scripture’s call to …

Source: Week in the World: A Moral call to the Nation

2 thoughts on “Week in the World: A Moral call to the Nation

  1. The Republican convention was correct in not allowing Rev. Barber to speak as it would have just turned political as you proved in this writing. You have elevated Rev. Barber’s talk to that of John the Baptist writings in the gospel and have placed it into a political movement where it was never intended to be. For me the gospel has always meant to be personal and not to a party or movement, where the they and them never take on a face.

    • I also happen to see the Gospel as a personal thing. But I also think that you have to do more than read the words; you have to live the life. And I think that is where so many Republicans fail – they use the name as if it means something but their own words and actions belie that idea.

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