Okay, I get it. 

Donald Trump is the elected President of the United States.  He was elected under the rules that were in play and, unless something happens when the Electoral College meets in a couple of weeks, he will take the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

But he was not elected by the majority of the voters and as much as those voters need to recognize that he was elected, he and his followers need to realize that they are not the majority view in the country.

And as much as his supporters feel that there should be no protests, let me remind them of all the acts of violence and hatred his followers did during the campaign and threaten to do if Trump were not elected.  And they also need to remember that just because Trump advocated many things, that does not give them the right to treat others any differently than they themselves expect to be treated.

And in these post-election days, we already see that Trump perhaps does not have a complete grasp of the task before him.  The names that have been bandied about for potential leadership positions suggest an administration that will be marred by scandal and corruption.  And even if there is no scandal or corruption, the plans they have will end up in the physical destruction of this planet.

What will happen to the rules and regulations that keep our air clean and our water drinkable?  We already have the answer to that question when we look at what happened in Flint, Michigan.

What will happen to the workplace environment?  Donald Trump wants to bring jobs back to America but he also believes that we need to abolish the minimum wage.  I hope he has a plan in that word salad mind of his for taking care of the sick and needy because the economy will collapse.

And there will be a constitutional crisis when he demands military action that could include use of nuclear weapons.  Even if he can find field commanders that will carry out those orders, the result will be the destruction of the planet for all times.

And do we expect Donald Trump to miraculously transform into an ethnically pure individual because he is now the President?  Personally, I doubt it.  His embrace of evangelical “Christians” and their embrace of him tell me, at least, that he is, to say the least, ethically challenged.

I know enough to accept the outcome of the game as it was played.  But I will not allow the rules of the game of life to be changed and I will stand up in any way that I can.

I hope you get it.

2 thoughts on “Okay, I get it. 

  1. Tony, you’ve had a rough stretch these past few days and I can understand your emotions. But it’s time to get over it and move on. This election was bound to leave many dissatisfied no matter who won.

    The truth is our Heavenly Father is still in control and we are under His Law and Gospel. He will take care of us. Scripture points out many leaders who were “bad” and God used them to further His will for His people (ex. any one of the unbelieving kings of the OT and King Herod at Jesus’ birth). The world survived those rulers and we’ll survive Mr. Trump.

    I didn’t vote for either of the two main candidates and I’m at peace with the result. Trust the Lord and know of His love for you and all humankind. He will be with us always.

    I mean, we survived the Cubs winning the World Series–we’ll get through this.

    • Bob,
      I am sure that we will survive Mr. Trump. But there are those who have taken his election as a sign that they can do whatever they want and that is not acceptable. I endured the election of Reagan in 1984 because I didn’t register to vote and I wasn’t happy about the election of Bush in 2004 but the response was a whole lot more civil. That seems to be lacking on both sides and we have to find ways around that.

      As to the Cubs – this too shall pass.

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