New Presidential Concerns

I have sent the following comments to my Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Representative Maloney.

There was an item in the news the other day that indicated Mr. Trump has elected to use his own security service instead of the Secret Service for his protection.

The similarity of this action to what transpired in Germany during the 1930’s is beyond belief.  That alone would suggest that Congress act to insure the safety of our government.

It must be made clear that individuals acting in the capacity of private security agents for the sole purpose of protecting Mr. Trump are acting as private citizens employed by an individual and not by the Secret Service.  There must be a clear statement that any actions taken by these individuals acting for a private security firm are liable under Federal and State laws.  There can be no instances where actions taken by these individuals are sanctioned by the United States Government.  They do not deserve nor should they get the same protection under the law that Secret Service employees receive.

And because Mr. Trump has voluntarily chosen to use his own security personnel, the Secret Service should not be tasked with the protection of properties that are not United States Government properties.  In other words, if Mr. Trump wishes to stay at one of his properties in either New York, Florida, or elsewhere, the United States Government should not be billed for any security expenses.  Mr. Trump has indicated that he wishes to employ his own staff for this purpose so he should bear the brunt of that expense.

The one thing that the Secret Service and personnel from our defense and intelligence agencies must do is insure that no classified or top secret documents or devices are in these properties without the proper security and that those individuals without the proper security clearances not be allowed access to such documents and/or devices.

If Mr. Trump should decide to use his own plane for transportation purposes rather than Air Force One, the United States Government should not be charged for any travel expenditures.

If the United States Government is charged for any services that are being handled by a third-party, that a strict audit of the charges be made and only reasonable expense be paid.  Whether he likes the concept or not, Mr. Trump will, in approximately one month, work for me and I don’t want my money wasted.

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