This was the back page for the Fishkill United Methodist Church bulletin for Sunday, March 18, 2018, the 5th Sunday in Lent (Year B).

While working on my doctorate, I learned the intricacies of word processing (first with Word Perfect and then with Word).  The first thing that I learned was the need to save my material and to do it often (we will save that thought for another day).

Then I learned Control-Z, the ability to undo whatever it was that I just did.  If I deleted something by mistake, then Ctrl-Z would allow me to recover the data quickly.

But, as much as we wish there was such a key, there is no Ctrl-Z key for life.  We don’t get many opportunities to “undo” something when it was a mistake.  And if you cannot fix something, where is the hope?

Perhaps the greatest single aspect of the Gospel message that Jesus brought to the people was that there was hope, that life was worth it.  But this is not automatic; we must repent of our past life.

The Season of Lent is that opportunity to restore our lives and begin anew.

~~ Tony Mitchell

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