“How Many Ways?”

Here are my thoughts for the back page of the Fishkill United Methodist Church for Sunday, May 27, 2018, Trinity Sunday (Year B)

The author Laurie Beth Jones once wrote that she encountered Jesus meeting her in blue jeans.  And when she asked Him why he was wearing blue jeans, He replied that it was because she was in a similar attire.  Mother Teresa said, essentially, that the people we see are often Jesus in disguise.  Samuel heard God’s voice but did not see Him.

The common image of Jesus is one of someone in a robe surrounded by a shining light.  But often, that shining light blinds us to the reality of Christ’s presence.

Today is Trinity Sunday, the day in which we recognize the three identities of God.  Just as Jesus was the physical presence of God, the Holy Spirit is the fullness and joy of God.

How do others see the presence of God in this world?  Do you see Jesus calling to you or do you just walk on by?  Do they see Him in you as you walk among the people?


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