“The Cries of the People”

This will be the “back page” for the bulletin at Fishkill UMC this coming Sunday, August 12, 2018 (12th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B).

David’s cry of “Absalom, Absalom” in the Old Testament reading is a cry of pain and anguish.  It is also a cry created by and through anger.

Paul points out that we must be careful when we are angry; that words said in anger may result in something we may not want.  Paul didn’t say that we couldn’t be angry; he just said that it shouldn’t devour your life.  Anger moves our focus away from God and what God desires.

The whole idea that Jesus represented the Bread of Life and that it was available to all who sought Him angered some people.  And that anger prevented them from envisioning the new vision Jesus offered.  It is an anger that is still present today.  It prevents us from hearing the cry of anguish from those in pain or who are lost, forgotten, or excluded.

Until we put the anger away and let Christ truly into our life, we will never be whom we are called to be.

~~ Tony Mitchell

2 thoughts on ““The Cries of the People”

  1. Hi, Tony,

    It “presents” us from hearing the cry of anguish from those in pain or who are lost, ”

    I think you mean prevents instead of “presents” in that above sentence.

    I am enjoying reading your bulletin back pages.


    • Carol,
      Thanks for catching that error. And thanks for reading the “back page”. Please tell your friends and neighbors. Have a good weekend!

      Peace to you all

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