“The Nature of Power”

This will be on the back page of the Fishkill UMC bulletin for Sunday, November 18, 2018 (the 26th Sunday after Pentecost, Year B)

While I was at Truman State University, Charles McClain was named the new President.  As he was new to the community, I took it upon myself to invite him to dinner at the dormitory cafeteria one night.  I didn’t think he would accept the offer but, to my surprise and delight, he immediately did.

As we went to the cafeteria and through the serving line, everyone thought that he was my father and not the new President of the college.  Until that moment, the President of the college didn’t mingle with the staff or students.  It was the beginning of a cultural change that transformed a regional college into a national liberal arts institution.

This view of people in positions of power and prestige being separate and never interacting with those less powerful is apparent in the Scriptures as well.

Those in power, then and now, feel they are the chosen ones (chosen by themselves, not by God), and they are quite willing to let others know of this distinction.  They believe they speak the words of God and what they say is to be accepted without question.

But as much as they would have believed that Jesus came for them, Jesus came to minister to those without power or position.

Our acceptance of Christ as Savior does not give us power or prestige; it does not give us the right to decide who can enter Heaven.  It does mean that we show others who Christ was, is and will be, so that they can come to Christ.

~~Tony Mitchell

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