Three Ways to Spread What’s Going On… – The Catholic Astronomer

A piece of interest – something I will be doing more of in the coming year

I got an email recently from someone who’d read an interview of mine… Hi Br. Guy, I just came across this 2017 article. Your quote, “More scientists who are church-goers need to make their science known to their parishioners”  is something that I have contemplated over the years but wasn’t really sure about how to exactly go about it, do you have any suggestions? Good question, actually. Here’s how I answered him:     Great to hear from you! And good on you, to call my bluff about me saying what “somebody else” should be doing! So here are some thoughts off the top of my head… Then I sent the following: 1. Read and spread the word about our two web sites, The Catholic Astronomer and our Faith and Science resource site. 2. Get involved with groups already in existence in your parish, such as the CCD classes the Knights of Columbus your local parish Mens’ club if one exists Once you … Continue reading →

Source: Three Ways to Spread What’s Going On… – The Catholic Astronomer

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