Is It A Question or A Statement?

Here are my thoughts for this Sunday, February 24, 2019 (7th Sunday after the Epiphany, Year C). They will appear on the “Back Page” of the bulletin for Fishkill UMC.

A hallmark of many Annual Conferences is the singing of the Charles Wesley hymn, “Are We Yet Alive.”  In the past, this was sung to celebrate the completion of a year of service at a time when the lifespan of a circuit rider was notably short.

If we were to sing that today, would it be sung as a question or as a statement?

When I was working on my doctorate at Iowa, some of my colleagues were looking at what constituted a successful high school program.  Their conclusions were very similar to research about successful businesses.  Innovation is best when it started at the bottom and was supported by the top of the organization (adapted from “The Search for Excellence in the Church Today”),

Jesus did not go to the Temple and expect the people to come to Him.  Rather He went to the people.  He did not work within the structure of the Law, which prevents access; He used the Law as a framework for his mission.

Many churches are dying today because they are unwilling to step outside the structure of the church.  But the good news is that if, individually and collectively, the church welcomes the power of the Holy Spirit, they can find ways to become alive once again.

How, then, will we sing “And Are We Yet Alive”, as a question and sign of a dying and dead church, or a statement of a living and growing church?        ~~Tony Mitchell

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