The Language Spoken by the Holy Spirit

This will be on the “Back Page” of the bulletin for Fishkill UMC this Sunday (April 7, 2019, 5th Sunday in Lent – Year C). This was written by one of our associate members, Pat Powers, who is returning to Louisiana after a business assignment her in Fishkill.

I’m from south Louisiana, and contrary to popular belief, we don’t have alligator crossing signs like New York has deer crossing signs.  In fact, I’ve never seen an alligator crossing sign although we do have plenty of alligators. What we do have in Louisiana are mostly flat and mostly straight roads. In New York there is no such thing as a flat, straight road.

Louisianians and New Yorkers have other differences as well.  A friend from Ohio told my wife that only she could turn his name into a three syllable word. New Yorkers, and especially the closer to New York City they live, can turn 3 one-syllable words into a single word.  New Yorkers continue on with life almost normal after several inches of snow.  In Louisiana, we shut the cities down if we hear the words “snow flurries are expected tomorrow.”

Yes, there a lot of differences between our states and our citizens, however, one thing we have in common are earthly lives.  Our lives are not like Louisiana roads – straight and flat. No, our earthly lives are like New York roads – full of curves and ups and downs.  We never know what’s around the next curve or over the next hill.  The road of life can be extremely hard to navigate and deal with, however, we have our GPS, seat beat, brakes and air bags all wrap up in the Holy Spirit.

At Christmas time, I like to say that “without Christmas, there would never have been an Easter.” And at Easter, I say that “without the death of Jesus, there would be no Holy Spirit” who is by our side 24/7.  The Holy Spirit is always there to comfort us, guide us, chastise us, and most importantly, always love and forgive us.  That Holy Spirit that speaks to me in a South Louisiana drawl is the same Holy Spirit that speaks to you in a Hudson Valley dialect.  And that same Holy Spirit, along with the Father and the Son, is what bonds all of us together in Christianity.  God Bless.

Pat Powers

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