“Where Does This Road Lead?

This will be on the “back page” of the bulletin at Fishkill UMC this coming Sunday, April 14, 2019, Palm Sunday. We have a good service planned starting at 10 am so spend Sunday morning with us.

On Palm Sunday in 1997, I, along with four friends, stood at the altar of the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church.  We were part of a team that would provide pastoral support to Pleasant Grove and its sister church, Alexander Chapel.  While we had all chosen to begin this journey, I don’t believe that none of us knew where it would take us.

I don’t believe that many of those gathered along the road as Jesus rode by on that first Palm Sunday some two thousand years knew where that road was going to lead.  Many, I am sure, were hoping for a  Messiah to free them from the Roman occupation and oppression.  But the road to the Cross was not the road to political freedom that they so desired and when they saw the Cross on Good Friday, they saw the end of the road.

Even today, there are many who seek a political messiah, who will invoke the wrath of God on all their enemies.  These individuals have never been interested in the Cross or what lies beyond. They will find that the road they walk leads nowhere.

To bring God’s Kingdom to this world, to bring freedom from sin and death, means that we must walk to the Cross and then go beyond.

Today, we must ask, “where does the road you walk today lead?”

~~ Tony Mitchell

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