Here are my thoughts for the “Back Page” of the bulletin at Fishkill UMC for tomorrow, 28 April 2019 (Year C).

When I began working on my doctorate, I had a question that I wanted to answer.  The research that I did showed that one group of chemical educators was not talking to the next group of chemical educators and there was a gap in the continuity of chemical education.  As a result, there is a gap in how we learn and teach chemistry.  It is, by the way, still a problem today.

Now, consider what might have happened to the Jesus movement if Thomas had not insisted on seeing the Risen Christ for himself?  What would have happened to the Jesus movement if Peter and the apostles had not preached the Gospel to the people, despite the opposition of the establishment?  What would have happened to the Methodist Church had John Wesley and his compatriots not taken the Gospel message to the people?

We stand here today because the generations before us laid the ground work for us to walk with Jesus.  It was a path laid down for them by those who came before them.  There are those who will only know that Christ is here today because of what we do.  Our words , thoughts, and actions continue the story that began in the locked room two thousand years ago.

~~Tony Mitchell

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