“Overcoming the Darkness”

This will be the back page of the bulletin at Fishkill UMC this coming Sunday, May 5, 2019, the 3rd Sunday of Easter (Year C)

As Howard Carter peered into to enter the tomb of Tutankhamen and saw all the treasures of the untouched tomb, he told his sponsor, Lord Carnarvon, that he saw, “things, wonderful things.”

When the disciples first peered into the Tomb, they saw nothing but darkness.  And in that darkness, they saw no future.  A few years later, Saul, in his blindness, also saw no future.  John the Seer also saw a darkness enveloping his community.

Today, there are many of us who see that same darkness, a darkness created by fear, ignorance and hatred, enveloping our world and our faith.  It is a darkness that threatens our future.

But as the darkness enveloped his community, John the Seer saw God’s Kingdom, a light of hope and promise.  And though Ananias may have been afraid when God directed him to help and guide Saul, he trusted in God.

On that day on the beach two thousand years ago, with no vision of the future, the disciples saw the Risen Christ.  The reality of the Risen Christ helped them to have a vision for the future.

Just as John the Seer saw the new Kingdom as a vision for the future, we too have that opportunity.  Just as the disciples heard their mission that day, so too do we know that our mission is to bring God’s Kingdom to all, not just a few.

The Risen Christ removes the darkness of the world and brings a new light of hope and promise to it.  For us and those whom we meet on our journey, the future is filled with things, wonderful things through Christ.                                                                                ~~Tony Mitchell

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