“A New Revival”

August 11, 2019

This will be on the “Back Page” of the bulletin for this coming Sunday, 11 August 2019 (10th Sunday after Pentecost, Year C) at Fishkill UMC. We have a hymn sing service scheduled; feel free to post your favorite hymn with a reason why you like the hymn to the comments section.

“. . . let’s not talk about love.    Let’s not sing about love. Let’s put love into action and make it real.”  (1 John 3: 18 , Clarence Jordan’s Cotton Patch Gospels)

A few years ago I suggested that there was a need for a new revival (“The Coming Revival”).  I am not talking about a big tent meeting with the preacher making an impassioned plea for people to dedicate their lives to Christ.

Rather, I am suggesting the type of revival that John Wesley and the early Methodists began.  At a time when many preachers spoke out against the inequalities of society but suggested that the solution required the lower classes improve themselves on their own, the Methodist revival sought to bring the Gospel message to the people and make a concerted effort to change and improve the lives of the people.

It would be the type of revival that the Old Testament prophets called for, calling out those who proclaimed their allegiance to God but only gave lip service to their faith.

It is time for a revival of the Spirit, to acknowledge the presence of Christ in one’s life.  It is time to call out preachers who refuse to condemn the lack of morality in our politicians and who seem to find comfort in being in their presence. We are on the verge, if not in the middle, of a moral crisis that threatens to destroy this society and this world.  It is time for a new revival, a revival of the Spirit that will bring  the promise of the Kingdom.            ~~Tony Mitchell

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